These acknowledgments must perform double duty. In writing this
book, I have depended upon countless acts of support, generosity, and
guidance. But perhaps more important, in engaging with the challenges
of our global society and deeply divided world, I have depended upon
steadfast colleagues, teachers, and leaders. This is an important opportunity for me to thank them for a lifetime of collegiality and support.
I naturally begin with my family, wife Sonia, daughters Lisa and
Hannah, and son Adam. This has been a family effort, through two
decades of redefining “vacation” as listening to Dad give another lecture in a sweltering room in a village in East Africa. Sonia has been my
guide, inspiration, teacher of differentia] diagnosis, and partner and
coauthor in development studies. My kids, I’m proud to say, have seen
all corners of the developing world and have taken up the challenge of
global development themselves. Their wonderment at what we see to


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