Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French Grammar is designed as a review and study tool for the advanced beginner and intermediate student of French. The grammar explanations given in each unit include comparisons that provide ample practice of the material along with appropriate, useful vocabulary. Instructions for each exercise are given in French, enabling the student to anticipate the task that follows while, at the same time, practicing vocabulary in context. Th e variety of exercises makes them suitable for a range of different learning styles; opened exercises are included to encourage creative answers and to increase confidence in using French for normal everyday communication. Each unit can be studied independently to suit individual needs in a specific area. For the student seeking additional practice at the high school or college level, these units, taken individually or as a whole, provide an opportunity to learn and review French grammar using contemporary language and examples. New vocabulary is incorporated within the exercises or is highlighted in boxes. Th e glossaries include words appropriate to this level and make it easy to quickly review or learn new vocabulary. Finally, the verb charts serve as a quick grammar reference


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