It would be difficult to describe the impact of viruses — and their cousins Trojan horses and worms — without resorting to clichés or sensationalism. But after all the hoopla, the bottom line is pretty simple: Malicious people write viruses, and viruses do bad things to our computers. Over the past two decades, viruses have caused billions of dollars in damage and lost productivity — and that’s just the impact on businesses. Viruses hit home computer users much harder because home users usually don’t have information-technology support departments to install and maintain antivirus software and repair damaged computers. But viruses can be stopped before they stop us, and it’s not hard to stop them. Getting antivirus software is part of the solution. Using antivirus software is just a matter of doing a few simple chores to make sure that everything is working correctly: the better antivirus programs available today do all the regular tasks automatically, and only rarely do they require you to do something special


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