Welcome to the world of Excel. Okay, that’s a bit cheesy. But if you look around the business world, the financial world, the manufacturing world, and any other industry you can
think of, you will see people using Excel. Excel is everywhere. It is by far the most popular
program in the history of business applications. So, we truly are living in a world of Excel. This is
probably why you’ve picked up this book. You need a way to accelerate your learning and get up to
speed quickly.
Well, worry not, dear reader. Whether you’re boning up on Excel for a new job (congratulations, by
the way), for a school project, or just for home use, this book is perfect for you.
In this book, we’ve organized everything that one would need to know to get up and running
quickly with Excel. And we’ve made certain that this book contains many useful examples and lots
of tips and tricks that…


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