AFTER A CONFERENCE ONE YEAR, an e-mail went around the PyLadies organizers mailing
list asking, “Is anyone interested in writing a Python book?” I had kicked around the idea of a
programming book for a while. After teaching for a couple years and mentoring at PyLadies and
other coding meetups, I realized there was a need for a new, specifi c sort of programming book. I
didn’t jump to replying to the e-mail, however. I knew that writing a book would be a big process
(boy is it!) and that it would take a lot of time and effort on my part, in the way of working on the
weekends and holidays (yep, check!). I also knew that I had a full‐time job teaching programming,
I was the lead organizer for my local PyLadies chapter in Atlanta, Georgia, and I had children that
would soon start asking, “Are you writing this weekend?”


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