Over the past fifty years it has been my privilege to be in as many actual sales
situations, sel ing goods, products, services, or job opportunities, as virtual y
anyone who ever carried the title of salesperson. Additional y, it has been my
privilege to share the platform with and learn from some of the greatest speakers
and sales trainers our country has produced. Many of those men are gone now,
but quite a few stil grace platforms around the country. I go back to the days of
Elmer Wheeler, Charlie Cul en, Frank Bettger, Fred Herman, Charles Roth, Dick
Gardner, J. Douglas Edwards, and Percy Whiting. The list includes Cavett
Robert, Red Motley, Ken McFarland, Dan Bel us, Joe Batten, Charlie Jones, Hal
Krause, Mike Frank, Ira Hayes, Heartsil Wilson, Judge Ziglar, Thom Norman,
Bil Gove, John Hammond, Larry-Wilson-and the list goes on and on


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