My sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone who had a hand
in putting this book together. The journey was an amazingly wonderful and
enlightening experience, and I am grateful for the remarkable opportunity to
author this book. I must recognize a few specific people.
To my book brain trust, who provided ideas, recommendations, and suggestions at every turn — thank you for making this book as good as it could be.
I want to specifically thank Carol McClelland, Tim Gallan, Michael Lewis,
Carrie Burchfield, technical editor Ann Bastianelli, and Jan King for all your help.
I would also like to thank the graphics and layout teams at Wiley Publishing
who made this book come to life and the marketing teams who brought this
book to business owners and managers everywhere. And a special thanks to
Howard Putnam, author of The Winds of Turbulence, for his kind words.


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