Check out all Elementor essential addons by Stratum Pro:

  1. Advanced Accordion Elementor Widget: Horizontal accordion and toggle tabs that integrate with your Template Library.
  2. Advanced Google Map Elementor Widget: Interactive Google Maps widget that supports different map styles and custom markers.
  3. Advanced Posts Elementor Widget: Automatically sourced WordPress posts in different styles: lists, grid, carousel of masonry.
  4. Advanced Slider Elementor Widget: Powerful WordPress sliders that support horizontal and vertical scrolling and tons of other settings.
  5. Advanced Tabs Elementor Widget: Space-consuming horizontal and vertical tabs.
  6. Banner Elementor Widget: Animated promo banners with awesome styling effects.
  7. Circle Progress Bar Elementor Widget: Progress visualized in percentages and accompanied by text description.
  8. Counter Elementor Widget: Animated counter widget.
  9. Flip Box Elementor Widget: Awesome flip boxes with tunable front and back parts and support for six animation effects.
  10. Image Accordion Elementor Widget: Compact-style image galleries with hover and click effects.
  11. Image Hotspot Elementor Widget: Images with interactive and informative tooltips.
  12. Instagram Elementor Widget: A real-life Instagram feed gallery for integrating with your WordPress site.
  13. Masonry Gallery Elementor Widget: A Masonry grid-styled animated image gallery.
  14. Price List Elementor Widget: Cafe menus and catalogs with pricing.
  15. Price Menu Elementor Widget: Food lists and any categorized listings.
  16. Price Table Elementor Widget: Detailed pricing plans.
  17. Testimonial Carousel Elementor Widget: Admin-added testimonials in an attractive format.
  18. Vertical Timeline Elementor Widget: Chronological events in a media-rich vertical timeline graph.
  19. Horizontal Timeline Elementor Widget: Chronological events in a horizontal timeline.


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