This book is written for novice consultants, project managers, staff advisors, and anyone who wants to learn (or be reminded of) the basic principles of effective consulting. The book is an introduction to consulting and provides a step-by-step process that nearly anyone can learn. Even a seasoned consultant would benefit from reviewing the material in this book. As noted in chapter 10 of this book, when consultants run into trouble, it is most often because they have forgotten, or have ignored, the basic principles of consulting. Although many people call themselves consultants, or operate in a consulting capacity, not all of them are able to successfully help organizations and their managers make their workplaces more effective and efficient places to work. With the onset of downsizing, rightsizing, and outsourcing, organizations call on consultants more and more to fill the gaps in their workforces, implement needed change in their organizations, and solve significant problems in their organizations. Regardless of the functional area in which you may consult, the key success factors and basic principles of effective consulting outlined in this book will help you become a better consultant.


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