If you dedicate yourself to applying the strategies in Trump University Wealth Building 101, you will become wealthy. If you make this book part of your life, it will make you rich.
I can make those statements with complete confi dence because Trump University Wealth Building 101 is built on the same foundation as all Trump University publications and courses. We deliver practical, proven instruction from people who have actually done what they are teaching you. Other organizations try to sell hope alone, without the proven expertise to back it up, and just when you begin to realize that the advice you paid for is unproven and ineffective—they try to sell you more expensive products. They hook you on promises and never deliver. Neither I nor our chairman, Donald J. Trump, would stand for that at Trump University. We are building Trump University on “how to” information in the purest sense. After all, what could be more powerful than proven advice that you can follow step by step?


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