Features of MultiPOS – Point of Sale for WooCommerce

  • Store owner can enable/disable the module functionality.
  • Inventory management in POS can be of 2 types i.e. Custom or Centralized/WooCommerce stock.
  • Store owner can select the order status for POS end.
  • Mails can be enabled/disabled at POS end.
  • Split/Multiple payment methods for the orders can be enabled/disabled at POS end.
  • Order note can be enabled/disabled at POS end.
  • All orders can be created in offline mode then synced online automatically for fast process at POS end.
  • Adding custom product can be enabled/disabled at POS end.
  • Open cash drawer popup appear on loading POS can be enabled/disabled.
  • Variations can be shown as different products at POS end.
  • Hold orders can be sent automatically to the kitchen.
  • Store owner can choose the logo for the POS sales receipt/invoice.


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